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Innovative Employment Concepts


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About Us

Many people like to know a little about the company they're going to be working for, so we'll use this page to provide more information about our business philosophy and history.

"Innovative Employment Concepts",is a family owned and operrated business that works in conjunction with one of the fastest growing communications companies in America today! They have been in business since January of 1993,and are now one of the more established companies in the United States.They are dedicated to supplying the public with the highest quality, most inexpensive services available on the market today and always. They are able to keep their service charges so low by not spending billions of dollars on advertising,instead they compensate individuals like you and I who independantly work at customer acquisition for them. We in turn are compensated with a percentage of the monthly utility bills for each customer we acquire. They also pay weekly customer acquisition bonuses of as much as $275.00 per customer. There are no limits on potential income other than by your limitations on how many customers you recruit.
Also,(yes,it still gets even better),you will recieve commision on customers acquired by your employees and employees they recruit to work for them too!,(once again unlimited),and for life!!!

This incredible opportunity all started 10 years ago when the government ordered the deregulation of the long distance telephone monopolies. And now, the rest of the utilities such as (gas,electric,local telephone service, internet access providers,cable television,etc.) are being deregulated also! This puts billions of dollars up for grabs
-and the savvy entrepreneurs are getting their share... ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE MONEY? WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW!

Consider This...

* People flip on a light switch-you get paid!
* People turn on their tv-you get paid!
* People log onto the internet-you get paid!
* People make a phone call-you get paid!
* People dry their clothes-you get paid!
* People get an e-mail-you get paid!
* People cook dinner tonight-you get paid!
* People turn on their heat-you get paid!
* People listen to music-you get paid!

It's like having your own personal 24hr cash machine!
And you did'nt sell anything,all you did was show someone how to save money by switching to a new service provider,
and as long as they use the service you recieve monthly compensation from their discounted bills!

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Join the "Innovative Employment Concepts" team today and you'll see for yourself,you'll be a guaranteed winner!